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Kulanday [kʰʊlandɛᶦ] is a software for collecting words and phrases for learning languages. Its main components are an interface for creating new entries for a single word or phrase enriched with one or more audio recordings (or already existing audio-material) and an image. This data can be later used for the learning-modes and of course to be used as a dictionary or for analysing the language.

logo_windows Here you can download the latest beta for Windows:

logo_windows On Arch-Linux there is a PKGBUILD in the Aur called “kulanday-git”.

On other Operating Systems feel free to checkout the latest master and compile for yourself:

Test Decks

For testing Kulanday you can checkout some decks in persian and German here: Download some Test Decks

Import these decks into Kulanday using the menu-entry: File -> Import Deck